What I Recommend...

My coffee choice

Component 1 of the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe. 

  1. Certified CLEAN coffee (mold-free)

High Potency MTC Oil

Component 2 of the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe. Also, an additive to many of my low-carb recipes. Also, 

  1. helps accelerate ketosis.

Grass-Fed Ghee

Component 3 of the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe.

  1. 100% pure butterfat 
  2. sourced from grass-fed cows
  3. casein, gluten, lactose, and sugar FREE
  4. Non-GMO 

Collagen Protein

Chances are you’re barely getting any naturally occurring collagen protein in your die, unless you're consuming things like bone broth & organ meet on a regular basis. This protein is tasteless. Also something I add to most of my recipes. Can also be a component 4 to the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe. 

  1. Collagen from pasture-raised cows
  2. Supports bones, joints, skin and hair
  3. 22g of protein per 90 kcal serving

Unfair Advantage

I love this one! It's a great alternative to caffeine. It provides brain-enhancing energy without feeling jittery. I take this before EVERY workout.

  1. Supports mitochondrial health and efficiency and helps the cells in the body create energy
  2. Facilitates heart and nerve function

Activated Charcoal

This is something everyone should have on-hand. 

  1. Helps reduce intestinal gas
  2. Great way to remove toxins from low quality food, in addition to detoxing environmental pollution's absorbed.
  3. Promotes a healthy digestive system and brain