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 Staci is the most knowledgeable, prepared, professional trainer I have ever met! She is personally focused on MY health, through exercise, yes, but also through diet, lifestyle, and God. Very impressive young lady. She leads by example. She walks the walk! Highest regards and recommendations! 

Alex Wissemen


Staci has always been there for me, pushing me to become my best self. She truly cares and has really held me accountable for my choices. I'm so grateful for her as a trainer and good friend.

Jannah Bordeaux


"Staci is the best trainer EVER!"

"Her workouts are super fun, but intense. She knows how much I love a challenge."

Steven Hines, M.D.


 Staci has been a life changer for me. I put my faith in her. There is no quick fix. Staci reminds me that consistency is key.  I began to see results after I really pushed hard in and out of sessions. I am a full-fledged disciple now, look forward to the workouts, feel good about myself and my body, and my wife loves the results.

Staci is professional in every way, and my only regret is not calling her in December 2017 when I first considered it.


Regina Goodman


I’ve watched Staci go through so many trails and tribulations over the years. She started getting into fitness about 10 years ago, but over the last 3 years she has made a complete 180 in her life. Her main concern was helping others to achieve what she has. She sincerely cares about others progress, not only physical but emotional and faith as well (body, mind, & spirit). I finally started training with her in January of this year. I see a wonderful change in my life because of her. She pushes me to challenge myself in gym every session, she also encourages me daily and constantly inspires me to become my best self. She is providing me all the information I need to succeed and meet my goals, and she holds me accountable; from her life example I’ve learned that my success depend solely on me.

Hannah Collier


 Working with Staci has been such an amazing experience for me! When I first came to her, I hadn't been happy with my fitness level for years, and I was stuck in a rut as far as trying to find a workout program that was both enjoyable and that actually produced results. After only a year, I have made so much progress physically and I have gained a lot of confidence in and out of the gym! I love working out with Staci because the exercise routines are always different, and she is really good at adapting to her clients' different levels of physical ability and strength. She is incredibly flexible and understanding of my hectic schedule, so I'm always able to schedule sessions with her even during my busiest weeks. Staci is an amazing personal trainer and teacher and she has given me a lot of valuable tools in the areas of nutrition, mental wellness, and independence in the gym. To anyone looking for a positive change in life and in health, Staci is definitely your girl!