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Staci Freed


Hello, I'm Staci! 

Let's see.. where do I even begin?! 

Getting the "handshake" formalities out of the way: I'm a mom, a wife, a business owner. My now oldest is 11 years apart from her new sister. I have a hyperactive Terrier puppy with genetic skin issues, a calico cat named Kitty, and a growing collection of house plants... 

All of this, at times, makes me feel a little crazy, but what woman isn't? 

I've been on my healing journey for 11 years; needless to say, I am quite familiar with the hectic schedules and ongoing challenges to achieve &

maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

After almost three years of trial and error, doing research, speaking with experts, and studying holistic literature; I undertook an elimination diet, including stress - so I could listen fully to my body and my energy. I learned that daily exercise & good nutrition are very important, but they're not the only components to achieve real wellness & healing.

 Through this journey and using a holistic approach, I've been able to heal my life and have initiated many men and women into healing theirs. This is my life's mission and regardless of your physical journey, I'm here to help.  

I believe that healing starts from the INSIDE OUT, and I am committed to helping you find long-lasting, sustainable results.






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